The simplest checkout you can imagine

The visioncheckout uses AI to recognize all articles placed below its camera.
Scan. Pay. Enjoy.

Fast. Flexible. Accurate.

Vision is the most accurate and flexible way to recognize articles. That’s why we’ve used AI-powered computer vision to build the visioncheckout, a self-checkout for the future.

No more lines

Articles are detected in half a second, so your customers can spend more time enjoying their lunch instead of standing in line.

Higher staff efficiency

Bring your service to the next level by deploying your staff where it creates customer value.

Easy to integrate

Simply add the visioncheckout to your POS and keep established processes and systems in place.

Insights from every image

Use our visionanalytics-platform to make better
decisions with better data.


The visioncheckout uses AI-powered computer vision to recognize the customer’s items and automatically triggers the payment process. When introducing a new item, you can simply teach the visioncheckout how it looks. This only takes seconds and can be done right before lunchtime.

We have a simple rule: We won’t conclude your onboarding until you are absolutely satisfied with the accuracy.

The visioncheckout offers the simplest checkout process you can imagine. Scan. Pay. Enjoy. There are no buttons, no waiting, no hick-ups. This is accomplished by an integrated ready-to-go solution with modern hardware, a beautiful user experience and reliable service.

Integrating the visioncheckout into your existing POS system is easy, as we are compatible with leading systems and can add others quickly. If you are looking for a new POS system, we can hook you up with one of our partners.

For an average canteen, the break-even will be reached within 8 months. We are happy to advise you personally and create an individual offer.

Interested? Then drop us a line!Chances are we can get the visioncheckout up and running in your canteen within 4 weeks.


Let's get to work!

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